Arcinazzo Romano

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Even the emperor Traiano loved the fresh air of the plateau   The plateau of Arcinazzo Romano is the ideal place for those who want to go into nature not too far away from Rome. Then again, ever since the Roman era the fresh air of the [...]

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Festival of mosciarella in Capranica Prenestina

Back on 22 and 23 November the Festival of Mosciarella in Capranica Prenestina: a gastronomic journey with stands of local produce. Also please the [...]



Autumn Festival “Wander and taste” in Ciciliano

It will take place in Ciciliano Sunday, November 22, the third edition of the Autumn Festival "Walk and Taste". In the historical center will be set up gastronomic stands, where they will be distributed typical autumn products such as polenta [...]


castagnata _anzio

Chestnut November at Anzio

The chestnut November is a festival that takes place now for 13 years in via Giacomo Matteotti entire field of the oratory of [...]



At Frascati the third edition of “The best wines of Lazio”

Is renewed for the third consecutive year the collaboration between Luca Moroni, the Consortium of Frascati Doc, Gal Castelli Romani and Prenestini Mountains and the city of Frascati. From 13 to 15 November 2015, the town will host Lazio at the [...]



Toy Museum

The Toy Museum Demoantropologico regional Zagarolo was formally established by Resolution No. 17 of 1998. The city administration wanted to use the monumental Palazzo Rospigliosi as exhibition to enrich the cultural circuit of the town and to combine a historical city [...]

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Vicovaro’s Bread

Vicovaro’s Bread Vicovaro is located in the Tiburtina area, not far from Tivoli. Its bread – which is shaped into 0.5 to 2-kg loaves or bloomers and whose crust features two or more cuts – matches well with the [...]