In the Iron Age and the Etruscans to the Frangipane , by the rivalry with neighboring Allumiere to revolt against the French Who thinks of the Alpine ranges , in imagination, from Civitavecchia to Tolfa and Allumiere . The latter two are so close and so tied to [...]

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Babel Pomezia

BABEL Contemporary art sees the city. The city sees contemporary art.

On the occasion of the celebrations for the anniversary of the inauguration of Pomezia, will be open to the public exhibition of Contemporary Art Itinerant BABEL. The press conference at the Public Library of the City Saturday, October 25 at [...]


sagra delle castagne cave

Chestnut Festival & Products Traditional Local

As every year on the last weekend of October to Cave takes place the historic Chestnut and local products. The event, staged in the historic center and in the rest of the city streets, offers visitors food stalls with excellent [...]



binary Etruscan

All aboard for a visit really special: from October 12 until November 9, a train will take visitors inside the Necropolis of Cerveteri Banditaccia. "Binary Etrusco", the name of this great initiative, combines the scenic and archaeological tour the opportunity [...]



Polenta Festival

Everything is ready for the Polenta in Sambuci which attracts many visitors. Nearly three thousand meals served last year, reflecting the strong appeal of the event, whose success is all in the goodness of the dish sambuciano. The preparation of [...]


Sagra_della_callarosta_2014 carpineto

Festival of Callarosta 2014 Carpineto Romano

It will take place the first weekend of November, the feast of Roasted Chestnut in Carpineto Romano. The autumn festival linked to the production of chestnuts, that the City traditionally organized in collaboration with the Public pallium, aims to promote [...]



Festival of pappardelle with wild boar

Sunday, October 26, 2014, will be held at the Festival of Sacrofano pappardelle with wild boar. Sacrofano will be ready to welcome the thousands of visitors who regularly return to this party to have fun and to enjoy the delicious [...]



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