In the history, in every age Civitavecchia is bound up with history: both its own and the Roman and Etruscan one. This is the first thought one who study art, tourism and naval history can have. It has a location by the sea one can admire simply [...]

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The plateau of perfumes

Feel the side of the mountain Pianezze, that beneficent air and landscape with its majestic rocky battlements, Arcinazzo Romano. Presidio urban karst valley close to the most famous "plateaus", which is dominated by mountains to the east and Affilani closed [...]

Nature and Comfort

Lake Martignano

span>Even though Lake Martignano is one of the smaller volcanic basins in Lazio, it nevertheless has an extremely interesting array of nature, also thanks to its relative isolation. The absence of roads around the lake and lack of major human [...]


Villa D’Este

Since 2001 the Villa d'Este in Tivoli has been included among Unesco's World Heritage monuments. Last year it was acknowledged for “the distinctiveness of its garden, but also for its accessibility, its level of maintenance and it's modern and efficient services” as “the most beautiful park [...]


Council Museum of Modern Art

The Museum in Anticoli Corrado, based in the historic Palazzetto Brancaccio used as a jail in medieval times, was fuelled by the fascination and myth of a “place”: the place where many male and female models originally hailed from in [...]



Description Of The Area

The area where this oil is produced allows marrying food with tourism, thanks to its fortresses, castles, abbeys, and medieval hamlets. Of course Tivoli – which has already been mentioned above – is the most important town. However, [...]


Castle of St. Severa

From 5 July to 31 August, the Castle of Santa Severa, one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in the north of the capital, was [...]