Historical Abodes

Albano Laziale


Savelli Palace

Built as a fortress on the Via Appia Road in medieval times, the Savelli Palace in Albano Laziale expanded to cover a vast area over the centuries, encompassing the ruins [...]

Villa Doria

Now a municipal villa of Albano that looks out onto the high street, it was built on the remains of the sumptuous Roman villa of Pompeo Magno, the ruins of [...]



Borgo della Farnesiana

Just a short distance from the town of Allumiere lies an architectonic complex of considerable historical and archeological interest. This private property finds a series of homes and businesses set [...]

Palace Chambers

The Palace Chambers, located in the main square of the village, was built around 1580 at the request of Pope Gregory XIII, who by visiting the mining complex [...]



Landriana Gardens

The Gardens Landriana stretch over 10 hectares within a large estate on the coast of Lazio, at Tor San Lorenzo Ardea, 35 km south of Rome. The feature of [...]



Chigi Palace

The ducal palace in Ariccia is the only Baroque-style residence that remains in its original setting and with original furnishings – documenting the splendor of one [...]
Parco Chigi

Villa Chigi

Adjoining Palazzo Chigi is the vast park of 28 hectares, dating back to the sixteenth century., Full of lush vegetation, archaeological finds, fountains and artifacts of the XVII [...]


Massimo Castle

The Castle in Arsoli was built in the 10th century as a fortified convent for the Benedictine monks of Subiaco. It is a classic example of a fortified convent [...]


Giuliano Castle

The main body of the castle, which develops vertically, is of a grey reminiscent of stone, the old plastering, which is almost entirely blotched, helps the building [...]

Orsini Odescalchi Castle

The Odescalchi Castle, one of the most admirable examples of military architecture of its time, has become the symbol of Bracciano. Napoleone Orsini set about transforming the fortress, previously [...]

Castel Madama

Orsini Castle

The Castle was built between 958 and 978 on the area of land called Romano. The inhabited area around the castle began to develop after the decline of the [...]


Ceri Castle

The Ceri Castle stands on a high tufa outcrop like many settlements of Etruscan origin.   The first traces of human settlements date back to the 7th [...]



Michelangelo’s Fort

The Fortress was built in the 16th C. to defend the port and the town from pirates. The upper part of the keep was completed by the [...]

Civitella San Paolo

Abbey Castle

The 9th century medieval castle was built for defensive and military purposes. The four walled fortress with wide moat and drawbridge was, however, built in the 14th [...]

Fiano Romano

Ducal Palace

Built in a strategic position on a rocky spur at the dawn of the Middle Ages, the present castle is the result of the many structural changes applied [...]



Villa Sora

Along the way Tuscolana, surrounded by a large garden stands Villa Sora, today Scholastic Institute run by the Salesian Fathers. Work on its construction date from about 1570, when [...]
villa lancellotti

Villa Lancellotti

The villa was built around 1585 by Bonanni (of which still bears the name in a paper of 1671) for the Oratorians of St. Philip Blacks, it was [...]

Aldobrandini Water Nymphaeum and Garden

These are the grounds of the 16th C. Villa Aldobrandini. The Water Theatre, located behind the palazzo, backed by a small hill, is a spectacular semicircular architectural [...]
Villa Tuscolana

Villa Tuscolana

Villa Tuscolana, also known as “Rufinella”, because the original nucleus was built by a monsignor Rufini, is gracefully couched on mount Tuscolo and gifts visitors with an enchanting [...]

Villa Torlonia

This park, which is just a short way outside Frascati, was originally a small farmstead where the scholar Annibal Caro built a small villa called “caravilla” where [...]

Aldobrandini Stables

The 17th C. building of the Aldobrandini stables, an out building of the villa by the same name, is located close to the Municipal Palace. Refurbished by the celebrated [...]
Villa Falconieri

Villa Falconieri

Villa Falconieri, originally known as “La Rufina”, was the first of the Ville Tuscolane, a series of villas built by papal families in the hills around [...]

Villa Aldobrandini

In a dominant position above Frascati and Rome stands the Villa Aldobrandini, a spectacular construction built towards the end of the 16th C.     The villa changed hands a number [...]

Gallicano nel Lazio

Castle Passerano

Crouched on a tufa rock, the Castle Passerano stands out against the sky and solemn prenestino his embattled embroidery. It raises, in Gallicano, haughtily towers, ajar in a [...]

Passerano Castle

The Castle of Passerano is situated on an isolated hill in the countryside of Gallicano nel Lazio. Built during the 14th century, it is quadrangular with [...]


Colonna Castle

To the north, on a tufa rock hill, stands the Colonna Castle, majestically overlooking the town of Genazzano. In Renaissance times it was converted into the family's personal [...]


Lugnano Castle

The two masonry structures that rise from the sandstone rock where the village of Labico is situated can be seen immediately when arriving from Rome on the Via [...]


Palo Odescalchi Castle

The Palo Odescalchi Castle, built on the site of a medieval fortification, dates back to 1500 and apparently derives its name (Palus) from the many marshes (Palude) in [...]

Castle of Monteroni (Castellaccio)

The castle, a rare example of fortified farmhouse, is situated on the ancient Via Aurelia at 35km from Rome in the heart of the Etruscan-Roman archeological area of [...]

Montorio Romano


Baronial Palace

The decorative structure of this noble residence, known as Corte Palace, seems to belong stylistically to the 18th cenury. It dates later than the internal decoration of [...]


Savelli Palace

Some historians believe that the Castle of Moricone dates to before the 10th century and was built after the destruction of the ancient city of Regillo by the [...]


Orsini Castle

The limestone castle of Nerola has a square floor plan with corner towers. A moat and a lower protective wall surround the exterior. The first body of the castle, a defensive [...]


Sangallo Fort

The San Gallo Fort was built between 1501 and 1503 by Cesare Borgia, known as The Valentino.   The Fort defended Nettuno from sea raids. Inside the fort in a [...]


Castello Boncompagni Ludovisi

The Boncompagni Ludovisi Castle in Riano was originally built in 1151 as square tower fortification, to which the three round towers were added later on. The Castle is [...]



Theodoli Castle

p>Theodoli Castle is a large, irregularly shaped castle with four corner towers which extends over five floors, including a basement. The basement housed the kitchens, while [...]

San Gregorio da Sassola

(Italiano) Castello Brancaccio

The Brancaccio Castle which was built in approximately 900, has been remodelled, expanded and restored many times over the centuries. Some of the rooms are notable for the 16th century [...]

San Polo dei Cavalieri

Castello Orsini-Cesi

The Castle has a large rectangular central fort, which surrounds the ancient hill, with semicircular, battlemented corner towers. There is an octagon cistern in the courtyard, with Orsini columns and crests [...]

San Vito Romano

Theodoli Castle

Theodoli Castle in San Vito Romano has an unusual shiplike shape, which is emphasised by the high bank that surrounds it and continues into Corso Mario Theodoli like a [...]

Sant'Angelo Romano

Orsini Cesi Castle

The Fortress of Sant'Angelo on Mons Spatula was founded, near the Church of St. Michael Archangelo, in the second half of the 12th century, by the powerful Roman senator Giovanni Capocci [...]

Santa Marinella

Castle of St. Severa

From 5 July to 31 August, the Castle of Santa Severa, one of the most important historical and [...]

Odescalchi Castle

Located on a rocky outcrop separating the port from the beach, the Castle is one of the last of its kind built for archers in Europe. Many illustrious [...]


Villa D’Este

Since 2001 the Villa d'Este in Tivoli has been included among Unesco's World Heritage monuments. Last year it was acknowledged for “the distinctiveness of its garden, but also for its accessibility, its level of [...]

Villa Gregoriana

The “Villa Gregoriana” park, at the foot of the acropolis, dominated by two temples dating back to the 3rd – 2nd C. b.c., was first set up in 1834 by [...]

Vivaro Romano

Borghese Castle, Orsini Fortress

In the year 1012 the Castle at Vivaro Romano was a fief of the Santa Maria in Farfa Abbey. In 1440 it became a property of the Orsini [...]

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