Albano Laziale

Public Museums – Museum of the Second Parthian Legion

The site the museum occupies starts from the area of the baths the Emperor Caracalla had built. The museum is dedicated to the second Parthian legion, stationed at Albano [...]
Villa Ferrajoli

Villa Ferrajoli archaeological museum

The prestigious building that houses the Museum, designed by F. Gasparoni in approximately 1834, is inspired by Neoclassical taste: a delicate pictorial decoration by G. B. Caretti adorns [...]


Museum De La Grange

The naturalistic mineral archaeological museum, established in 1956, is based in the historic Palazzo della Reverenda Camera Apostolica, built in 1580. It has recently undergone a refit and now contains [...]

Anguillara Sabazia

Museum Neolithic Exhibition Centre

p>At Lake Bracciano , at “La Marmotta" in Anguillara Sabazia, one of the oldest Neolithic villages in Western Europe was discovered in 1989. It is around 360 metres from [...]

Paesant Civilisation and Popular Culture History Museum

The museum, founded in 1992 by the “Sabate” Cultural Association and subsequently dedicated to the memory of its founder who died in 1996, was set up in [...]

Anticoli Corrado

Council Museum of Modern Art

The Museum in Anticoli Corrado, based in the historic Palazzetto Brancaccio used as a jail in medieval times, was fuelled by the fascination and myth of a “place”: [...]


Museum of the Allied Landing and Battle

Inaugurated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Allied landings in Anzio (January 22nd 1994), the Museum is situated in one of the rooms of the [...]

Public Archaeological Museum

The Museum, housed in the seventeenth-century Villa Adele, exhibits archaeological finds of ancient Antium that have been discovered in the area around the town and in the sea. The [...]

Arcinazzo Romano

Museo della civiltà contadina

Museum of farming culture

The Museum is to be found in the suggestive location of the old Bakery (Forno) built after the Second World War to bake the local residents’ bread. It [...]

Antiquarium Museum

The “Trajan Villa” Antiquarium was opened in 2004 and was designed as an important tool for the interpretation and understanding of the large archeological complex from which it [...]


Manzù Collection Museum

The Manzù Collection, officially opened to the public in 1981 and it is under the control of the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome, was founded in Ardea [...]


Museum of Musical Traditions

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The Museum was designed in close liason with the Regional Centre for the Study of Musical Traditions that carries out the important activity of ethno-musicological research throughout the [...]


Museum of the Francescan College

The convent complex of Our Lady of Jesus, in the town of Artena, commissioned by Scipione Borghese, built between 1629 and 1633 and entrusted by him to the [...]

Public Archaeological Museum

The Public Archaeological Museum is housed in the rooms of the ex Borghese Granary, which is also the place where the Town Council meets and cultural events [...]


Historical Air Force Museum of Vigna di Valle

The Historical Air Force Museum contains approximately 60 aircraft, as well as a substantial collection of engines and relics, which are able to illustrate the history of flight [...]

Public Museum

The Public Museum of Bracciano is housed inside the ex-convent of Saint Maria Novella, founded in the XV century by Augustinian monks. The building, renovated between 1998 and [...]

Campagnano di Roma

Capranica Prenestina

Naturalistic Museum of the Prenestini Mountains

The Naturalistic Museum of the Prenestini Mountains, which celebrated its opening in June 2001, is equipped with innovative educational and exhibition systems that offer a complete view [...]

Carpineto Romano

Museum Le Capanne

The private collection records the agrarian and pastoral traditions of the Lepini Hills with a wide collection of objects dating to the 19th and 20th Centuries on display.  The tools [...]

Museum of the Territory the Volsci Palace

The territorial museum of Carpineto “La reggia dei Volsci” (The Volsci Palace) is situated in the seventeenth-century palace of the Aldobrandini dukes surrounded by a Baroque garden with an open-air [...]

Castel Gandolfo

The Antiquarium at Villa Barberini

The Antiquarium is housed in Villa Barberini, which was built on part of the site of Domitian's villa (81 – 96 AD), and holds a collection of notable [...]

Castel San Pietro Romano

Museum of country life arts

Created and partly managed by the elderly of a local self-run community centre (Centro Sociale), the permanent exhibition of country life testifies, in a simple and direct way, [...]


Agricultural Civilisation Museum

The collection is built around over a thousand articles, arranged on the basis of an internal criteria designed to illustrate the various aspects of the inhabitant’s daily [...]

Cervara di Roma

Mountain Museum: Transhumants, Artists and Pitturi

The name “Mountain Museum: Transhumants and Pitturi” provides an indication of the close relationship between those who departed (the transhumant shepherds in the Roman countryside who left [...]


National Cerite Museum

The Museum is housed inside the fifteenth-century Orsini castle, owned by the Ruspoli family since 1674, in the wing which runs along the north-western side of the acropolis [...]



Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art

The gallery is situated in the municipal complex of the former Cantina Sociale; is a unique environment of broad, bright, (approximately 16 × 11 m and reaches a [...]


National Archaeological Museum

The museum is situated in the "Command Building" ("Palazzo del Comando"), built in 1764 at the request of Pope Clement XIII Rezzonico to house the commander of the [...]


Rugby Museum

The Museum of Rugby Colleferro is the only museum created solely for this sport in Italy. Officially recognized by the Italian Rugby Federation, the Lazio Region, the Province of [...]
Collezione Cremona

Cremona Collection

The collection of General Francesco Cremona holds over 1200 exhibits relating to the world of telecommunications from every era and nationality and includes numerous rare and unique pieces. Included [...]

Council Antiquarium

The Antiquarium was inaugurated in 1986 as a result of the increase of the Council’s archaeological collections. Intended to be a permanent tool for education, knowledge about [...]


Station Museum of Colonna

In July 2006, Met. Ro. S.p.A. granted free use of the entire complex of the Colonna Station, including the waiting rooms, storage areas, the square outside the station and [...]

Fiano Romano

Ettore De Conciliis Collection Studio Museum

The Ettore de Conciliis Collection Studio Museum is the first museum devoted to modern and contemporary art in the North of Rome and is situated near the ancient [...]


Civic Archeological Museum of Agro Veientano

The museum was established in 1992 to house archeological artefacts from the Etruscan city of Veio, which was subjugated by the Romans in 396 and subsequently became the [...]


The Guglielmo Massaia Ethiopian Museum

p>Set up inside the Capuchine Convent, the museum exhibits materials traditionally connected to the missionary activities of the cardinal Guglielmo Massaia (1809 – 1899) in Ethiopia, where [...]

Tuscolano Museum in the Aldobrandini Stables

The new archaeological Museum has recently been established in the ex-Stables of Villa Aldobrandini, which had undergone architectural renovation and preparation to become a museum in the 1990s [...]

Gallicano nel Lazio

Roman Aqueduct and the Passerano Castle

p>The site is a museum itinerary of extreme archaeological, historical, geological, botanical and zoological  interest that crosses a territory that is one of the most charming in the [...]


Museum of Countryside Culture: Ancient Art, Ancient Professions

The Museum is housed in the dungeons of the Ancient Baronial Palace of Corte, which still have their vaulted ceilings supported by powerful sandstone columns, and was established [...]


International Centre of Contemporary Art

The international centre of contemporary art is housed in the Colonna Castle, built in the XI century. The castle was extended in various phases, significant work was carried out [...]

Museum of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio

Inside the Augustan monastery annexed to the sanctuary church of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio – built in medieval times and extensively renovated in various phases between [...]


The home of the tin box

Opened in 2000 in Gerano (RM), this is the only Italian museum of its kind which, through its collection of over 700 tins, provides an account of [...]


Astronomical Observatory

The main purpose of the Observatory is to disseminate knowledge of astronomy. It does this through guided tours with multimedia explanations which are enhanced through the observation of celestial [...]


National Archaeological Museum of San Nilo

The museum, set up in 1875 in the San Nilo Monastery, founded in 1004 on the ruins of a Roman villa, contains material that has been collected over [...]

Guidonia Montecelio

Via Cornicolana Road Museum

The new Church of S. Maria in Setteville was built on a large tract of land covering almost 4,000 metres on the far northern side of the district, [...]

Council Antiquarium Don Celestino Piccolini

The museum is situated in the historical ex-Oratory, which overlooks the main piazza of Montecelio.   Despite the small size of the exhibitive spaces, it offers comprehensive documentation [...]


The public Museum of Lanuvio

The Public Museum of Lanuvio has recently returned to its original site, which was destroyed during the last world war. The current exhibitive spaces, still being [...]


Horace Museum Antiquarium

The Horace Museum of Licenza is hosted within the Orsini Borghese Baronial Palace, and was one of numerous museums created after the Italian Unification. The visit [...]


Museum “Umberto Mastroianni”

The Public Museum “Umberto Mastroianni” of Marino was inaugurated in June 2000, it is housed inside the ancient medieval church of S. Lucia that dates to the [...]


Museum of the Natural Sciences and Enviroment

The Museum has a decidedly territory feel to it and it aims to safeguard and study the environments of natural interest in the area: in particular the national [...]

Theatrical Mask and Puppet theatre museum

p>The Theatrical Mask and Puppet theatre museum was first opened in 1997 in a room of the Borghese Palace. The works inside have been collected by Giancarlo Santelli, an expert [...]

National Museum of the Ager Romanus Campaign for the Liberation of Rome

The Museum, originally named the "Garibaldian Museum", was founded in 1905, to conserve the relics of the military battles in 1867 between Garibaldi's volunteers and the Papal and [...]

Monte Compatri

San Silvestro Picture Gallery

In 1604, the monastery of San Silvestro was handed over by Pope Clemente VIII to the new Italian congregation of the Barefoot Carmelites, which spearheaded the reconstruction work [...]

Monte Porzio Catone

Scientific Park of the Astronomical Observatory of Rome

This important scientific structure was designed in 1939 and completed in 1965. It sits on top of the ruins of a first-century Roman villa. The impressive, rationalist [...]

Wine Trade Museum

First opened in 1999, the Museum is located in three rooms in the town’s historic centre which up to a few years ago were used to process [...]

Archaeological Area of Tuscolo

The archaeological area of the town of Tuscolo is set on the summit of a hill between the ancient Via Latina and Via Labicana, on the edge of [...]

City Museum

Housed in four recently renovated areas of the centre of the seventeenth-century Cathedral, the City Museum illustrates the dynamics of the settlements in a territory that has a [...]



Ecomuseum of the Didactic Park

Of an anthropological slant, the museum is located in Casale Bussolini, an important example of rural buildings found in the Roman countryside, which lies within an old estate. [...]

Night Museum

Within the Reserve, Casale Sandroni, also called "Casale della Vedova”, houses the small Night Museum on two floors. A striking name for a simple but effective display that [...]

River Museum

Recently opened and with a charming display, the River Museum represents the main nucleus of a small museum system which centres on the protected area of the Nazzano Tevere [...]




The Antiquarium was established by the Nettuno Council in April 1975 in order to collect archeological, historical, artistic and bibliographical material relating to the territory. The exhibition presented is [...]

Olevano Romano

Museum Center for Studies on Landscape Painting European Lazio

The double diction, of Museum and Study Center, explains the unique nature of this institution housed in the Villa de Pisa, owned by the city, where in the [...]


Museum of Restistence and the Eleven Martyrs

The museum is housed in the "tinello agricolo" (wine vat) in Vigesimo where, on 28th May 1944, the German troops during the occupation slaughtered eleven unarmed citizens [...]

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is housed in Palazzo Barberini (Barberini Palace built in the Renaissance) that stands on the site of the ancient sanctuary of the Fortuna Primigenia. [...]

Diocesano Museum of Sacred Art

p>The Museum, inaugurated in 2005, is located in the south-western wing of the Palazzo Vescovile and contains about 600 pieces. Worthy of note are the sleeping Christ as [...]

Birthplace of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

The premises of the Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Foundation, are set in the actual birthplace of the celebrated Renaissance composer. It now contains an internationally renowned Research Centre with an [...]

Palombara Sabina


Territorial Nature Museum

The Territorial Nature Museum is located within Savelli Castle at Palombara Sabina. The Museum is currently being renovated. [...]


Hemp Museum

Opened in August of 1997 as a permanent exhibition, the historic nucleus of the Museum is set up inside the old private home of the inventors and [...]


Lavinium Archaeological Museum

p>The 'Lavinium' Archaeological Museum in Pomezia was founded in 2005. The archaeological relics and the multimedia illustrative apparatus highlight the religious aura that surrounded this [...]


Villa Garibaldi Museum of Culture

div>The recently opened “Villa Garibaldi” Culture Museum is one of the most significant museums of the Aniene Valley, and thanks to the very meticulous scientific project that [...]

Rocca di Cave

Geopalaeonthologicaln Museum Ardito Desio

Opened on 28th July 2002, the museum is hosted in the rooms of Rocca dei Colonna, including the ruins of an impressive tower and the church of St. [...]

Rocca di Papa

Geophysics Museum

The Geophysical Museum is located near the Ancient Fortress Column, in panoramic position overlooking the old town of Rocca di Papa, it illustrates the idea and the scientific [...]


(Italiano) Museo della Civiltà Contadina

p>The “Rural Culture Museum of the Aniene Valley” was founded around a previous exhibition – the first in the Lazio Region of a demo-ethno-anthropological nature – which [...]

San Cesareo

Station Museum of Colonna

In July 2006, Met. Ro. S.p.A. granted free use of the entire complex of the Colonna Station, including the waiting rooms, storage areas, the square outside the station and [...]

Sant'Angelo Romano

Prehistoric Museum of The Tiberino-Cornicolano territory

The museum is hosted in the rooms on the ground floor and the two upper floors of the Orsini-Cesi Castle in Sant'Angelo Romano, which was founded in the late XII century, [...]


Naturalistic Museum of Monte Soratte

The Naturalistic Museum of Monte Soratte is situated in the prestigious Caccia Canali, a late-Renaissance building with severe lines that boasts a feature by the architect Jacopo Barozzi, known as Il [...]

Santa Marinella

Public Archaeological Museum

The museum of Santa Marinella was founded in 1993 and has recently been enlarged and renovated. It is dedicated to the theme of the sea and ancient navigation. It illustrates, through original [...]


Council Archaeological Museum

The distinctive characteristic of the Archaeological Museum of Segni is the close links it has with scientific research and with the town itself. The Council Archaeological Museum of Segni is housed [...]


“Ceselli” Museum Santa Scolastica Monastery

The Ceselli museum is hosted in the buildings of the “ex cantinone” of the Santa Scolastica Monastery near Subiaco; the renovation of the rooms and the actual setting up of the museum [...]


Didactic Museum of Ancient Books

The property is located in the gardens of Villa d'Este, a UNESCO world heritage site located in two local areas in the square opposite the Fountain dell'Ovato. The [...]


Public Museum

The museum, as part of the Cerite-Tolfetano territory museum system, contains materials found in the Etruscan necropolises in the territory: one of the most important items is the Etruscan [...]


Etrusco-Roman Public Museum

The Town Hall of Trevignano Romano houses the Etrusco-Roman Public Museum with the lavish grave goods of two tombs from the Olivetello necropolis: the Annesi Piacentini and the Flabelli tombs [...]


The Civic Ex-Voto Museum

The Museum has a twofold significance. On the one hand it represents the civic identity of a town – that developed in Medieval times around the Caetani family [...]


Archaeological Museum

The Museum, housed in the Doria Pamphilj Palace (late XVII century), offers a detailed presentation of the archaeological sites that have come to light in the territory after the construction of [...]


Museo diocesano_Velletri

Diocesano Museum

he museum, housed in the southern wing of the historic Episcopal Palace (Palazzo Vescovile), is home to artefacts from the churches of the city which have been collected since the [...]

Public Archaeological Museum “Oreste Nardini”

The museum is located within the Municipal Building of Velletri and offers two itineraries: the archaeological itinerary and the Geo-palaeontology and Prehistory of the Colli Albani itinerary. Archaeological Itinerary The [...]



Toy Museum

The Toy Museum Demoantropologico regional Zagarolo was formally established by Resolution No. 17 of 1998. The city administration wanted to use the monumental Palazzo Rospigliosi as exhibition to enrich [...]

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