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Albano Laziale

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Farmhouse Pellini

Via Tor Paluzzi, 184-00040 Albano Lazio Phone: 06 9341171 - Fax: 06 4341171 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Henry Pellini description Immersed in the green of the Castelli Romani, the farm offers a bed [...]

Farm Two old Farmhouse

Via Casette, 14-00041 Albano Lazio Phone: 06 9315333 - Fax: 06 93020450 Contacts e-mail: Website: Manager: Louis Pinel and Anna Caporicci Phone: 3920403095 description The company is located in the south of Rome, in [...]



Farmhouse La Farnesiana

Via La Farnesiana - 00051 Allumiere Phone: 06 2050227 - Fax: 06 2050227 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Luciano Spellucci description Tenuta La Farnesina is situated at the foot of the mountains of Tolfa, [...]

Anguillara Sabazia

Anguillara Sabazia

Anguillara Sabazia is a small town on a promontory on the south-eastern shore of the Lake of Bracciano . Located on the slopes of the Sabatini mountains, Anguillara [...]



Farm Valley in May

Via La Farnesiana - 00051 Allumiere Phone: 06 2050227 - Fax: 06 2050227 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Luciano Spellucci description The Estate The Farnese is situated at the foot of the mountains of [...]
Anzio _resti villa imperiale romana


A historic town, once modern, future-oriented Considered by many, with good reason, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian coast of Lazio , Anzio, Antium to Latinos, is not 'just a summer [...]

Arcinazzo Romano

Arcinazzo_ panorama

Arcinazzo Romano

Even the emperor Traiano loved the fresh air of the plateau   The plateau of Arcinazzo Romano is the ideal place for those who want to go into nature [...]



Farm Oca Giuliva

Via della Caffarella 42-00040 Ardea Rom Phone: 06 9178337 Contacts E-Mail: Coordinator: Joseph Chiapanna Phone: 3388191989 description The farm is located about 1.5 km from the sea with beach or facilities suitable for those [...]

Farmhouse the Scarlet Rose

Street Villaggio Ardeatino, 23-00040 Ardea Rom Phone: 06 9115242 - Fax: 06 9314122 Contacts Responsible: Michael Reels Phone: 335 6525595 description The farm of Mrs. Michela is located on the slopes of the Alban [...]

Farmhouse Corte in Fiore

Via degli Olivi, 16-00040 Ardea Rom Phone: 06 91648015 - Fax: 06 91648384 Contacts E-mail: Website: Responsible Lilla Mario description Set on a beautiful and picturesque hill just 2 kilometers. from the sea, [...]


Ardea.  A gem caressed by the sea and kissed by history.   Like a sentry guarding the coast, Ardea is located on a plot of tuff stone right by [...]



Farmhouse Villa Germaine

Via Colli San Paolo, 2 - Cross Street Nettunense Km 13-00040 Ariccia Phone: 06 9303275 - Fax: 06 93730555 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Maria Chiara Gozzi description In 1997, the Gozzi family comes [...]

Farm grapes and olives

Via Perlatura, 12-00040 Ariccia, Italy Phone: 06 9340025 - Fax: 06 93495013 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Letizia Cotrone description Just outside the town of Ariccia, between Albano and Genzano, situated on a hill [...]

(Italiano) La porchetta di Ariccia I.G.P.

?The city of Ariccia, in the Province of Rome, is home to one of the best loved gastronomic delicacies in [...]


Food, wine, art and patronage Ariccia, in the minds of strangers, means roast. "Good meat and delicate, own for the lords!", as the good writer Carlo Emilio [...]



the fagiolina

The beans have arrived in Italy in the first half of the sixteenth century, thanks to Charles V of Spain, [...]



Farmhouse Airfield Artena

Via Cori, Km. 4 - Sp 79 / a - 00031 Artena Rom Phone: 06 9647717 - 347 6900499 - Fax: 06 9647717 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Maurizio Prosperi Phone: 3476900499 description The airfields [...]


The charm of a history has reached our days Artena is a town that fascinates the visitor at a first glance. By getting closer to the [...]



Agriturismo Tenuta dell’Acqua d’oro

Via delle Pietrische, 12 - Provincial Road 3 bis-Furbara Manziana - 00062 Bracciano, Italy Phone: 0699800212/339 1557830 - Fax: 0699800212 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Grasso Geronimo description At the heart of the Roman [...]

Farmhouse Sala del Mar

Via Monte La Rota, snc - Location Prato Lungo - 00062 Bracciano Phone: 06 99804202 - Fax: 06 99804202 Contacts Responsible: Alessandro Del Fanti Phone: 334 3404609 description The farm Sala del Mar stands [...]

Farm upstream Puglia

Road Castel Giuliano Sambuco, 18-00062 Bracciano, Italy Phone: 06 9986694 - Fax: 06 6869737 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Course Patrizi Montoro and Patrizio Patrizi Montoro Phone: 3475476534 description Set in a landscape surrounded by [...]

Farmhouse La Gismonda

Via della Cisterna, 6-00062 Bracciano, Italy Phone: 06 99815284 - 329 4237639 - Fax: 06 92912971 Contacts E-Mail: - Website: Responsible: Maria Giulia Ramella Phone: 06 99815284 - 329 4237639 description The Gismonda [...]

Farmhouse L.B. Stud

Via Traversa Baglione, 13-00062 Bracciano Phone: 06 9988554 - Fax: 06 9988554 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Coordinator: Joseph Riccioni Phone: 3332302194 description The name L.B. Stud comes from the passion of Joseph for breeding race [...]

Farm holidays Emy Tartufi

Via Castel Giuliano Sambuco no. 8-00062 Bracciano Phone: 06 9987064 - 338 7031932 - Fax: 06 9987064 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Emilia Dishes Phone: 338/7031932 description The company, located 6 kilometers from Lake Bracciano, covers [...]

Farmahouse Acquadoro

a Pietrische, 12 - Provincial Road 3 bis-Furbara Manziana - 00062 Bracciano, Italy Phone: 0699800212/339 1557830 - Fax: 0699800212 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Grasso Geronimo description At the heart of the Roman countryside, [...]


Bracciano a dream destination   Early in the morning, we arrive in the beautiful town of Bracciano. We can barely see the lake and the Orsini-Odescalchi castle in the [...]

Campagnano di Roma


Farmhouse La Reserve Martignanello

Municipal Road in Valle di Baccano, 29-00063 Campagnano Di Roma Rom Phone: 06 9041081 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager Fabio and Caudia Blasi Phone: 335 7321261/339 1433591 description The farm Martignanello The reserve is located [...]

Agriturismo La Mola

Via Mola Maggiorana, s.n.c. - 00063 Campagnano Di Roma Rm Phone: 06 9044082 - Fax: 069041355 Contacts Manager: Lorenzo Ciufolini Phone: 348 7244085 description The La Mola is the perfect place to enjoy [...]

Campagnano di Roma

History, tradition and movies As many of the surroundings towns like Sacrofano and Formello, Campagnano Romano was once part [...]

Canale Monterano


Farmhouse La Torretta

State Road 493, Km 30.600 to 00,060 Canale Monterano Rm Phone: 06 99838072 - Fax: 06 99838072 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Sandro Gentili Phone: 3383833560 description The La Torretta is an oasis of relaxation [...]

Canale Monterano

Bread, oil, cinemas and thermal spas About 50 kilometers outside of Rome, right before Manziana, for those who come from the Tolfa mountains, [...]



The artistic city that welcomed the expansion of the “Capenati” The expansion of the original population of Capena took place mainly in the northern part of the province of [...]

Capranica Prenestina


Farmhouse Colle Roscio

Provincial Road Capranica Rocca di Cave, km 0.930 00030 Capranica Prenestina Rom Phone: 06 9584107/339 3897151 - Fax: 06 9584107 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Pietro Scacco description .L'agriturismo Is situated about 300 [...]

Capranica Prenestina

An amazing place for religious people, motorcycle riders and mountain lovers. The towns that offers chestnuts and ricotta cheese, is all-in-one with the sanctuary of the Mentorella On the [...]

Carpineto Romano


Agriturismo Agrifoglio del Ciroletto

Via Rerum Novarum s.n.c. - 00032 Carpineto Romano Rom Phone: 06 97189427 - 3357789041 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Ettore Pucinischi Phone: 3338589152 description Nestled in the pristine green of Lepini Mountains is our agricamping. [...]




The old town and the baronial palace are a bonbonnière, the woods are ideal for a relaxing stroll and there are also solemn festivals and feasts. Do not [...]

Castel Gandolfo


Farm house arches

Via Appia 3 - 00040 Castel Gandolfo Rom Phone: 06 93020893 - Fax: 06 9360373 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Franca Piubelli and Giorgio Ronchini Phone: 3495268721 description A few kilometers from Rome, in the [...]

Castel Gandolfo

If the popes, from Pope Urban VIII in 1628, they chose Castel Gandolfo as an ideal place to spend the summer, they had their reasons. Well, after exploring [...]

Castel Madama


Farmhouse Tenuta Colfiorito

Via di Sant' Anna snc - 00024 Castel Madama Rom Phone: 0774 449396 - 0774 447427 - Fax: 0774 449396 - 0774 447427 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Coordinator: Paola Usai description The estate [...]

Rural Valley of Arci

Via Empolitana Km 3 - Loc. Monitola - 00024 Castel Madama Rom Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Generoso Parmegiani Phone: 3494419630 description The farm "Valle degli Arci" is located within a farm typical of [...]

Farm Selva De ‘Risi

Colle Tignoso, s.n.c. - 00024 Castel Madama Rom Phone: 0774 447504 - 338 1728323 Contacts Responsible: Basili Anna Maria Phone: 338 1728323 description The farm Selva de Risi lies on the gentle slope of [...]

Castel San Pietro Romano


Farm La Cannucceta

Road p.le Castel San Pietro-Capranica Prenestina, snc - 00030 Castel San Pietro Romano Rm Phone: 06 9535811 - Fax: 06 9535811 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Giuseppe Simeoni description In the heart of the [...]

Castel San Pietro Romano

BETWEEN CINEMA, ART and PHOTOGRAPHY It is bordered by the most illustrious Palestrina, it is situtated a few kilometers from Rome. But it is the birthplace absolute [...]

Castelnuovo di Porto


Farm Holiday Valle Siriaca

Via di Vallelunga, 49-00060 Castelnuovo Di Porto Rom Phone: 06 9078521 - Fax: 06 9078521 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Giulia de Cillis description All 'inside of an organic farm, surrounded by rolling hills [...]

Farm of Veientani

Via Pian Braccone, 10 - 00060 Castelnuovo Di Porto Rom Phone: 335 7201671 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Prosciutti Angelo Phone: 3357201671 description The Fattoria of Veientani rises all'nterno Park Naturalisitco Vejo. Fridays, Saturdays [...]



Farm Goose white

Via Madonna del Campo, 4-00033 Cave Rom Phone: 06 9508035 - Fax: 06 9508035 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Emanuela Trifogli Phone: 3288790460 description The farm L'Oca Bianca is composed of an ancient group of [...]

Cerreto Laziale

Cerreto Laziale

Emotions from Cerreto. From the lowering of the Madonna to chestnuts and wine; from “pizzottelle”, to the Palio of Gatta. Remembering the brigands… Cerreto Laziale lies in the Giovenzano valley. You [...]

Cervara di Roma

Cervara di Roma

Cervara, a town of shepherds and artists Cervara is one of the furthest town from Rome on the border with the region Abbruzzo. However, this town is worth [...]



Farm Capodimonte

Via Civitellese, 3-00065 Fiano Romano Rm Phone: 0765480154 - Fax: 0765480154 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Silvio Darida Phone: 333.2885510 description The company is located about 1.5 km from Fiano Romano, on top of a [...]

Rural Valley Queen

Via del Casalone 16 - Borgo San Martino - 00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06 99207215 Contacts Website: Responsible: Margherita Morasca Phone: 3200999820 description Our farmhouse, located in the resort village of San Martino, is [...]

Farm holidays Tenuta Monte La Guardia

Località Monte La Guardia - 00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06 811711185 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Phone: 3483300348 description In Monte La Guardia (220 hectares entirely woodland), are well-visited four waterfalls with comfortable walking, biking, [...]

Poggio Etruscan

Via San Paolo, 2-00049 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06/9942810 Contacts Responsible: Lautizi Fabrizio Phone: 3331669307 description The farm "Poggio degli Etruschi" is located in the town of Cerveteri, in an area rich in history and [...]

Agriturismo Oliveto dei Monti

Location Monte Oliveto - 00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 063612349 - Fax: 063230685 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Alice Calabresi Phone: 3287072537 description Rustic farmhouse early '900, renovated in 2005, with a view of the mountains [...]

Farmhouse Le Grotte

Via S. Paolo, 24-00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 338 3805523/333 1037351 Contacts Responsible: Maddalena Saraca description In 2002, only 4 kilometers from Cerveteri, Mrs. Maddalena with her husband, realize their dream: a 'farm. 12 [...]

Farmhouse La Valle di Ceri

Via Piancerese, 30/32 - 00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06 99207007 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Michele Giuffrida Phone: 329 9213624 description Set in the vineyards of Lazio, our farmhouse completely renovated with pool, courtesy and [...]

Farmhouse La Campagnola

Via Fosso del Cecio, 18-00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06/99206015 - 06/99206763 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Toracchio Patrizia Telephone: 3336812671/3332203503 description The farm Campagnola is located near an area of great archaeological interest, such as the [...]

The Farm 4 curly

Via del Casalone, snc - 00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06 99207118 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Nazzareno Ricci Phone: 335 6149066 description 4 Ricci welcome their customers in an environment different from the usual holiday, [...]

Farmhouse Gli Ulivi

Via Doganale, 149-00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06 99207119 - 333- 2866589 - Fax: 06 99207119 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Fabrizio Allevi description The farm "The Olives" is located in the countryside of the [...]

Farm house with Gricciano

Via Gricciano, 16-00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06 9941358 - Fax: 06 9951013 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Stefania Ricci description The house is situated on a hill surrounded by mountains Cerveteri last outcrop south [...]

Farm house wells

Via Monte Li Pozzi 16-00052 Cerveteri Rm Phone: 06 45420364 - 327 6198348 - Fax: 06 66620277 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Paola Wolves Phone: 329 0560292 description An ancient stone farmhouse of 1700 and [...]



Farm to Giovenzano

Provincial Road to Sambuci - Location Vado del Marmo - 00020 Ciciliano Phone: 0774 797382 - Fax: 0774 797076 Contacts Website: Responsible: Luciana Grossi description At Giovenzano, a farmhouse of the end '800 [...]



Farmhouse Le Broad

Via Andrea Moneta, 13 - 00053 Civitavecchia Phone: 328 1030069/327 3339959 Contacts Responsible: Grienti Irene Phone: 3281030069 description Recently opened, Le Broad is the classic rural property set in the countryside of Civitavecchia, but [...]

Farm Casal del Giglio

Via Fontanetta Podere / 82-00053 Civitavecchia Phone: 0766/560209 - Fax: 0766/560209 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Tonino and Paolo Fortugn Phone: 333 6128073 description The farmhouse Casal del Giglio is set in the countryside of Lower [...]



The inner peace in the place of hermits Filacciano cannot be classified as “point of passage”. Coming to these places from the Tevere valley, indeed, has always been due [...]



Farm Oasis of Porto

Via Portuense, 2264-00050 Fiumicino Phone: 06 5880880 - Fax: 065880855 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Francesco Ucci description A few kilometers from Rome, the Oasis of Porto offers, in a beautiful natural setting, fascinating [...]


Via Onorato Occioni, 12-00050 Fiumicino Phone: 06 6689590 - Fax: 06 6689590 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Terre Doria Pamphili J. and G. Pogson Doria Pamphili snc description Casale Doria Pamphili in Testa di [...]

Farm Borgo di Tragliata

Via del Casale in Tragliata, s.n.c. - 00050 Fiumicino Phone: 06 6687267 - Fax: 06 6687267 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Andrea del Gallo of Roccagiovine Phone: 338 8898438 description Borgo di Tragliata, at the [...]

Farm Borghetto di Roma

Via della Cadutella, 36-00050 Fiumicino Phone: 06 30859089 - Fax: 06 30859089 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Luigi Franco Fortunati description The "Borghetto di Roma", you will find a cozy and comfortable, located in [...]

Agriturismo Casale del Castellaccio

Via del Castel Campanile, 581-00050 Fiumicino RM Phone: 06 61697654 - Fax: 06 61697654 Contacts Website: Responsible: Antonio Lauteri Phone: 3355313940 description Our company for years now welcomes friends and family in a pleasant [...]


Fiumicino and that eternal root, with Rome A town by the sea: it calls for love Fiumicino is one of the most complete cities of Latium. Apart from the mountains, [...]

Fonte Nuova


Farmhouse La Cerquetta

Via Salvatoretto, 182-00010 Fonte Nuova Rom Phone: 06 9058573 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Laura Pennazza Phone: 3394058914 description Located just outside Rome, the farm 'La Cerquetta' is an oasis of nature and wellness. The [...]



Farm Meadow Court

Via Formellese South, 3021-00060 Formello Phone: 06 9075160 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Monica Cuicchi description The association "Prato La Corte" that governs Lakes sport fishing, was founded in 1989 by the family Cuicchi, [...]

Agriturismo Fattoria di Pacifico

Via delle Perazzeta, 2888-00060 Formello Rm Phone: 06 9084393 Contacts E-Mail: - Website: Responsible: Pacifico D'Alessio Phone: 333 1615783 description The farm Pacifico is located in an area rich in history and natural [...]


From the Sorbo valley to the feast of San Lorenzo Culture and environment…     Formello is a town of 12802 people. It is bordered by Campagnano on the north, Sacrofano on [...]



The Pupazza Frascatana

The Pupazza Frascatana PAT (Traditional Product Agribusiness) is a real typical product Frascatano and Castelli. The term "pupazza" in Roman means doll, but in this case represents [...]

Agriturismo Tenuta Santi Apostoli

Via Santissimi Apostoli, 20 - 00044 Frascati Rm Phone: 06 9408843 - Fax: 06 9464314 Contacts Responsible: Simona Blasi Phone: 338 4673685 description At the center of an area famous for its wines doc, [...]

Farm Tenuta di Pietra Porzia

Via di Pietra Porzia, 60 - 00044 Frascati Rm Phone: 06 20766341 - 348 8705600 -Fax: 06 9464361 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Giuseppe Santini description In a dominant position with breathtaking views, ranging [...]

Farm holidays Relais Nadyne

Via Colle Reti, 3-00044 Frascati Rm Phone: 345 3604379 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Nadia Cervini description In the splendid setting of the Castelli Romani, amid the vineyards of Frascati, stands the Farmhouse "Relais [...]

Farmhouse L’Olivella

Via Colle Pisano 5 - 00044 Frascati Rm Phone: 06 9425656 - Fax: 06 9425656 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Doriano Notarnicola Phone: 347 8185877 description The farm The Olivella offers an unforgettable journey through [...]

Gallicano nel Lazio

Gallicano nel Lazio

Every Italian who has usually a good memory remembers that moment in childhood when he comes to know the story of the gooses of the Campidoglio, half-way between [...]



Farm Lupicuti Luciano

Via Martorelle, s.n.c. - 00030 Genazzano Phone: 06 9508461 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Luciano Lupicuti description The farm Lupicuti stands on a small valley and silent, filled with spring water, thanks to which the [...]

Farmhouse La Sonnina

Via Colle Mufiano, 19-00030 Genazzano Phone: 06 95570012 - 339 5667418 - 333 9317417 - Fax: 06 95570012 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Giada Gramiccia description Società Cooperativa Agricola La Sonnina - Farm Social [...]

Farm House in 1895

Via Empolitana Km. 29.3 - 00030 Genazzano Phone: 06 9578242 - 334 2873696 - Fax: 06 9578242 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Margherita Coluccini Phone: 331 7897855 description The farm house in 1895 is located [...]

Farm Aminta

Via Martorelle, 4-00030 Genazzano Phone: 06 9578661 - Fax: 06 9578661 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Santina Prosperi description Surrounded by greenery, the company has rooms for overnight, all with their own bathroom and [...]


To arrive at Genazzano you have to take the highway up to Valmontone's toll, pass through the town and get into the S.P. 60A. You get into the [...]

Genzano di Roma


Farmhouse Relais Club La Selvotta

Via della Macina, 6-00045 Genzano Di Roma Rom Phone: 06 9342349 Contacts E-Mail: Website: - description Relais Club La Selvotta is located on the hills of Genzano, in the beautiful [...]

Farm Upstream Two Towers

Via Monte Giove, 77-00045 Genzano di Roma Rom Phone: 06 9363276 - 06 9396079 - Fax: 06 93955403 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Edoardo Amici Phone: 3495703161 description The farm Monte Due Torri encloses with [...]

Farmhouse Agropolis

Via San Gennaro, 2-00045 Genzano Rom Phone: 06 9370335 - Fax: 06 9370335 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Filosofi Filippo description Our company is located on the hill of S. Gennaro, in the Regional [...]

Genzano di Roma

Genzano between the ancient and the modern One day is enough for both The ancient on one side, the modern on the other, linked by a bridge of flowers. It [...]



Farm agriculture Capodarco

Via San Nilo, 10 - 00046 Grottaferrata Phone: 06 94549191 - Fax: 06 94549191 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Salvatore Stingo Phone: 06 94549191 description In Grottaferrata, in the Castelli Romani, among chestnut, walnut and [...]

Farm Estate Cusimano

Via Anagnina, 20-00046 GROTTAFERRATA RM Phone: 069410234 - Fax: 069456382 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Giuseppe Cusmano description Cusmano Villa Resort is a great house open all year round recently restored, surrounded by a [...]

Guidonia Montecelio

La Meridiana

Farm house the Sundial

Via Maremmana Inferiore n. 378 Loc.tà Villanova - 00012 GUIDONIA MONTECELIO RM Phone: 0774 529962 - Fax: 0774 528646 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Paola Conversi Phone: 349 3636500 description Located 27 kilometers from Rome, [...]

Farm house Carcibove

Via Carcibove, 100-00012 GUIDONIA MONTECELIO RM Phone: 0774 510577 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Maria Rita Di Stefano description The farm Carcibove is the brainchild of a group of people, a little 'artists and [...]


fontana chiusa

Farm Fountain closed

Via Fontana Chiusa, 3-00030 Labico Phone: 06 9510050 - Fax: 06 9510997 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Andrea Giordani description The farm was originally a farmhouse of the end '800, is located in a [...]



The Roman artichoke of Ladispoli

The name "Roman artichoke of Lazio", is reserved for the artichoke (Cinara cardunculus L. var. Scolymus) [...]

Farm tower Flavia

Via della Palude 4 Loc.tà Torreflavia - 00055 Ladispoli Rom Phone: 06 9912524 - Fax: 06 9912524 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Paola Picchioni Phone: 392.6513494 - 338.3641635 description The face of a company [...]

Farm the Royal Palace

Via dell'Acquedotto Statua, 1 Località Monteroni - 00055 Ladispoli Rom Phone: 06 99144373 - 327 5706632 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Roberto Mari Phone: 3395966894 description Five acres of land nestled in the Lazio Maremma, [...]

Farm D’Alessio – The water lilies

Via Monteroni, 20/22 - farm 1261-00055 Ladispoli Rom Phone: 06 99271248 - Fax: 06 99271248 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: William D'Alessio Phone: 333 5759473 description The farm is surrounded by greenery, kissed by the [...]

Farm house Sunflowers

Via dell'Acquedotto Statua, 11 - 00055 Ladispoli Rom Phone: 0699270683 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Maria Antonietta Di Russo Phone: 3493113971 description A rural family home completely restored and the love of the countryside have [...]



Resort Sundial

Via Laviniense, 47-00040 Lanuvio Phone: 06 9377296 - Fax: 06 93780499 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Valeria Cristin and Serena Cristin description The house is surrounded by hills of olive groves and vineyards, nestled [...]

Farm Shanti Gaia – l’Olivaio Lanuvino

Via Colle Crocette, 2 - Lanuvio RM Phone: 06 93781059 - 333 3930125 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Maurizio Patrignani Phone: 333 3930125 description Farm and farm born from the love for the countryside and nature, [...]

Farm Oasis Parrot

Via Montegiove Vecchio, 41-00040 Lanuvio Phone: 06 9374258 - 348 0734738 - 346 0947632 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Luigina Sangermano description The Oasis of the parrot is a quiet place, excited to stay [...]
casa rossa

Farm house Red

Via Cisternese, 8 - loc. Campoleone - Lanuvio 00040 Phone: 06 5201481 - Fax: 06 5201481 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Mauro Calabrese Phone: 335 6259549 description La Casa Rossa is located in Lanuvio renowned [...]

Farm’s garden Giupi

Via Colle Crocette, 7-00040 LANUVIO RM Phone: 06 9377160 - Fax: 06 93780317 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Maria Pia D'Ambrosio description Ancient farmhouse situated in a panoramic position near Lanuvio, an area of [...]
il civitano

Farm the Civitano

Via Valle Fiara, 23-00040 Lanuvio Phone: 06 9375400 - 347 2153946 - Fax: 06 9375400 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Di Pietro Lamberto description "Il Civitano" is located in Lanuvio, renowned center of the [...]

Farm house in the herd

Via Cisternense, 23-00040 Lanuvio Phone: 06 93748540 - Fax: 06 93748540 Contacts E-Mail: @ verri.g / info @ / info @ Website: Responsible: Giuseppe Verri description The attention to healthy eating [...]
Casale del cavaliere

Farm house Knight

Via Astura, 95-00040 Lanuvio Phone: 069303567 - 340 8787101 - Fax: 069303567 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Polo Pocaforza description Nestled in the countryside of the Roman territory Lanuvini Hills, in the heart of [...]



The bread of Lariano

The Bread of Larian boasts of 'MCG, Collective Mark Geographic, obtained by the commitment of the [...]



From the poet Horace to the Middle Ages, a town having an alone, convincing...licenza (license). To be welcoming, pleasant and admirable Nature, archeology and feasts for all tastes. Licenza [...]



Farm Mount of Palombaio

Via Oriolese s.n.c. - 00066 Manziana Rm Phone: 3425307370 - Fax: 06 92150579 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Valentina Ciolac Phone: 3425307370 description the farmhouse of Mount Palombaio is located in a farm of 80 [...]


Manziana and its trees as guardians Nature, smells and flavors are the most important traits of this town Manziana is on the hills and its fresh air and woods make [...]



Farm Trinca

Via Nettunense, 65-00040 Marino Rm Phone: 06 9309195 Contacts Responsible: Ada Maria Elvira Trinca description The farm, which opened in April 2000, located in the green 1400 olive trees and 14 hectares of [...]

Farm Valentino

Via delle Castagnole, 24 Frattocchie - 00040 Marino Rm Phone: 06/93548280 - 349/7105233 - Fax: 06/93548280 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Stefania Andreuzzi description Immersed in the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani and [...]

Monte Compatri


Farm quagmire Borghese

Via Casilina km 20-00040 Monte Compatri Rom Phone: 06 9476602 - Fax: 06 9476602 Contacts E-Mail: @ pantanoborghese / info @ Website: Responsible: Federico Cavazza Phone: 333.2600926 description In the area between the [...]

Monte Porzio Catone

santa benedetta

Farmhouse Santa Benedetta

Via Frascati Colonna, 1-00040 Monte Porzio Catone Phone: 06 9417511 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Alberto and Fabia Benedetti Phone: 0348 4928917 description Santa Benedetta is the oldest winery in the Castelli Romani. Between Frascati [...]

Farm La Selvina

Via Selve di Mondragone, 10 / A - 00040 Monte Porzio Catone Phone: 06/9425392 - 348/7949224 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Andrea Straccini Phone: 348/7949224 description The Selvina is placed in the territory of Monte [...]

Farmhouse Casal Pilozzo

Via Pilozzo, 17-00040 Monte Porzio Catone Phone: 06.9449113 / 06.9449222 - Fax: 06.9448695 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Antonio Pulcini Phone: 348 5107803 description The Casal Pilozzo family has owned Pulcini located in the municipality [...]

Monte Porzio Catone

Monte Porzio Catone, from the “Ville Tuscolane” to those magnificent guys from via Panisperna Almost no-one cares about the cognomen. The only thing that matters is the nomen of the [...]

Montorio Romano


Farma La Ripa

Location Santa Maria, 1-00010 Montorio Romano Rm Phone: 0774 62174 - Fax: 0774 62174 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Giancarlo Signori Phone: 349 5024054 description The La Ripa surrounded by green hills, just 48 kilometers [...]

Montorio Romano

Montorio Romano: a great place with incredible olive oil and the Santa Barbara water Between the district of Rome, to which it belongs, and the district of Rieti, we find [...]



Farm Hill of Oaks

Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 1-00067 Morlupo Rm Phone: 328 28 57 490/392 614 1379/06 98 35 81 41 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Di Giammichele Giuliana description In the beauty of the hills of [...]


Martis rapaces lupi”. The predatory wolves of the God Mars. History of a rebel town, not inclined to arrogance at all The origins of Morlupo are almost certainly linked [...]



Located in the beautiful Tevere-Farfa Natural reserve, the town of Nazzano has a great history and culture. It's a small village a few kilometers outside of  Rome, where [...]



Farmhouse Bagolaro

Location Silvestri, s.n.c. - 00017 Nerola Rom Phone: 0774 644029 - Fax: 0774 644029 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: David Granieri Phone: 3484725529 description In the heart of Sabina Roman, just outside Rome, where the [...]


Nerola is a small town but it will give you strong emotions. Located 453 meters above the sea level in the Sabina Romana, this town can give you [...]



Farm New Farm

Via Foce Verde, 14 - 00048 Nettuno Rm Phone: 0773 644111 - 3394729076 - Fax: 06 9880400 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Claudia Di Pietro Phone: 339 3247530 description Surrounded by nature, between plants of [...]

Farmhouse The Oaks

Via Cadolino, 77 - 00048 Nettuno Rm Phone: 06 9871055 - Fax: 06 9871055 Contacts Responsible: Antonio Rossi Phone: 3496455304 description The farm "The Oaks" is located only 6 km from the sea. Homemade [...]

Olevano Romano

Olevano Romano

How the wood of the Serpentara became the dark wood   On Mount Celeste, near the border of the district of Frosinone, lies Olevano Romano. The origins of the town [...]


Il Casale

The Farmhouse

Via Tuscolana Km 38,500 - Location Macere Artena - 00036 Palestrina Phone: 06 9512016 - 3477048004 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Giuliana Nuccitelli Phone: 3477048004 description The Farm "The House" has an area of 5 [...]
casale pepe

Farmhouse Casale Pepe

Via Quadrelle, 26/28 - 00036 Palestrina Phone: 06 9535029 - Fax: 06 9535029 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Cilia Costantino Phone: 3332768723 description The Casale Pepe is totally immersed in the pristine green and quiet [...]
Le Colline

Farmhouse Hills

Via Colle Pastino, 20 - 00036 Palestrina Phone: 06 9575670/333 1260954 - Fax: 06 9575670 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Augusta Fonsi description Wellness center, in the green hills of Rome, in an archaeological [...]


Flour, sugar and eggs. Do not need anything else to make Giglietti, cookies from simple ingredients that sink their roots in history. The Giglietti are in fact linked [...]

Palombara Sabina


Farm Estate Hill Close

Loc. Stazzano - Road Ponte delle Tavole, snc - 00018 PALOMBARA SABINA RM Phone: 330 284678 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Laura Anna Borsari Phone: 330 284678 description The house, dating back to the early [...]

Farm Mancin

Provincial Road Grazing, 164-00018 Palombara Sabina Phone: 0774.631.015 - 331.509.34.43 - 335.640.90.62 - Fax: 0774,631,015 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Mancin Dante description Our farm covers an area of 160,000 square meters, and is [...]

Farm Lucretius

Road Pozzo Badino, s.n.c. - 00018 Palombara Sabina Phone: 077465392 - Fax: 077465392 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Pierfrancesco De Sanctis Phone: 3490908282 description We are located in the beautiful nature park Lucretili Mountains, in [...]

Farm the Eirene

Via Maremmana Inferiore km. 19.900 to 00,018 Palombara Sabina Phone: 077466797 to 3357676399 Contacts E-Mail: description Size in hectares: 7 Prices (min / max per person per day) Plan: average price € 25 opening Opening: Seasonal [...]

Farm Source Horse

Via Palombarese, KM 33.500 to 00,018 Palombara Sabina Phone: 0774 634049 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Laura Bevilacqua Phone: 3924892609 description Nestled in a magnificent setting at the foot of a verdant hill dominated by [...]



Farm Tonelli

Via Cesena, 15 - 00040 Pomezia Rm Phone: 06 9100153 - Fax: 06 9100153 Contacts Responsible: Betti, Pamela, Susanna Tonelli Phone: 06 9100153 description Tonelli The farm is located not far from Pomezia, the [...]

Farm Shade of Mulberry

Via of Victories 17 - Location Santa Procula - 00040 Pomezia Rm Phone: 06 9145132 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Antonio Macori description The farm, located in the heart of the agro pometino, is an [...]

Ponzano Romano


Farm Monterone

Contrada Monterone, s.n.c. - 00060 Ponzano Romano Rm Phone: 0765 338019 - Fax: 0765 338019 Contacts E-Mail: @ agriturismo.dipillo / amministrazione @ Website: Responsible: Edmondo Di Pillo description For agritourists the company [...]

Ponzano Romano

What a glimpse, over the Tiber valley! Ponzano Romano overlooks the Tiber valley. It is in between a country village, given the fertile soil and the numerous agricultural activities, [...]



Pangiallo Riano

Pangiallo, better known as pangiallo Roman is a typical dessert of Lazio, which has its origin in ancient [...]

Farm the Two Messes

Via Tiberina, Km 10.100 to 00,060 Riano Rom Phone: 06 9081298 - Fax: 06 3722421 Contacts E-Mail: Head: Stefano Lanzetta Phone: 3393488319 description The farm is located on the banks of the Tiber; a [...]

Farmhouse Colle delle Rose

Via Colle delle Rose, 64-00060 Riano Rom Phone: 069036201 Contacts Responsible: Mecocci Fulvio Phone: 3393334429 description The farm Colle delle Rose is located about 3 km from Riano in the small hamlet from which [...]

Rocca di Cave

La Mandera

Farm the Mandera

Via Castel San Pietro Romano - 00030 Rocca di Cave Phone: 3498729610 Contacts Responsible: Simeoni Anna Phone: 3498729610 description "The Mandera" is about a kilometer away from Rocca di Cave, a small town perched [...]



Farm Wheatcom

Via Ardeatina, 1696-00134 Rome Phone: 06 71383053 - Fax: 06 7197608 Contacts E-Mail:; Website: Responsible: Sandra Lorenzet Phone: 3476592106 description The farm Wheatcom born from the idea of combining nature with communication. The [...]

Farm Garden Centres Montecaminetto

Via Sacrofanese, 25 - 00188 Rome Phone: 06 33615290 - Fax: 06 33615287 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Mario Deconi Phone: 06 33612287/328 1834938 description The farm, of 19 hectares, including 7 in the forest [...]
torre santa anastasia

Farmhouse Santa Anastasia

Via Torre Santa Anastasia, 83 - 00134 Rome Phone: 06 71350361 - Fax: 06 71359077 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Giuliano Montanari description The Torre Anastasia is a charming country residence made from an [...]
tenuta capizucchi

Farm Capizucchi

Via Ardeatina, 1330-00134 Rome Phone: 06 71355564 - Fax: 06 8557865 Contacts E-Mail:;; Website: Responsible: Massimo Ciarrocca Phone: 3386651589 Patrizia Ciarrocca description Set on the outskirts of Rome, this company that belongs [...]
Fonte di papa

Farm Source of Pope

Via di Valle Ricca n.70 - 00138 Rome Phone: 06 88588110 - Fax: 06 83395332 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Maria Paola Eichberg Phone: 338 50.38.111 description Along the ancient Via Salaria, less than half [...]
Rierva dell'Olmo 1

Reserve Elm

Via Anguillarese Km 1.800 to 00,123 Roma Phone: 06 6875563/333 2790958 - Fax: 06 6875563 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Claudio Ghira description The farm is located in the Elm Reserve Roman countryside, 6 [...]
quarto del cuore

Farm Fourth Heart

Via Laurentina, 1850-00143 Rome Phone: 06 7194138 - Fax: 06 7194138 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Carlo Boniface description A short distance from Rome Eur, in the beautiful hills of the Roman countryside, in [...]
podere capanne

Farm Huts

Via Casale delle Pulci, 95-00050 Rome Phone: 06 6678334 - Fax: 06 6678334 Contacts E-Mail:, Website: Head: Daniela Pagnotta description For agritourism activities means the business of the reception and hospitality exercised [...]
podere brandosa

Farm Podere Brandosa

Via Edoardo Perino, 47 / c - 00060 Rome Phone: 06 61661835 - Fax: 1782231361 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Vincenzo Mauro Phone: 339 1898019 description The farm offers the opportunity to buy directly from the [...]

Farm Melazza

Via Monte Pineta, 5-00060 Rome Phone: 06 3037919/06 3038710 - Fax: 06 30430115 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Stefano Giachini description The "La Melazza" comes from the passion of Franco Giachini and his family [...]
il contado

Farm The Peasantry

Via della Falcognana, 22-00134 Rome Phone: 06 71310171 - Fax: 06 71310171 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Massimiliano Catoni description The farm and the farm "The Peasantry" offer a simple and genuine, a [...]
il castoro

Farm The Beaver

Via di Polline, 343-00123 Rome Phone: 06 99802020 - Fax: 06 99802020 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Pietro Di Domenico Phone: 335336789 description The farm and the company agricultural-livestock oriented biological, are located just 40 [...]
casale di martignano

Farmhouse Martignano

Via Cassia Km 28.800 Output Campagnano - Valle del Baccano - Strada Martignano - 00063 Rome Phone: 06 99802004 - Fax: 06 99802004 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Aurelio Ferrazza description The "Casale Martignano" [...]
Casale bicocca

Farm Casale Bicocca

Via del Casale Bicocca, 48 - 00143 Rome Phone: 06 5012051 - Fax: 06 5012907 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Francesco Deodati description "Il Casale Bicocca", is situated in the Roman countryside, not far [...]
il casale

The Farmhouse

Via del Fosso di Dragoncello, 52-00124 Rome Phone: 06 5211832 - Fax: 06 5211832 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Settimio Innocenzi description A few kilometers from the center of Rome, well connected to [...]
casali del pino

Farm houses Pine

Via Giacomo Andreassi, 30-00123 Rome Phone: 0630896488 - Fax: 0630896488 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: MARIA ILARIA Venturini description "I Casali del Pino" is a certified organic farm with livestock-cereal address. Is practiced sheep farming [...]

Farm Co.Br.Ag.Or

Via Giuseppe Barellai, 60 - 00135 Rome Phone: 06 3386271 - Fax: 06 3386271 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Paolo Ramundo Orlando description The company "Co.Br.Ag.Or" is located within the Nature Reserve dell'Insugherata, is [...]
cavendo tutus

Farm Cavendo Tutus

Via della Pisana, 950-00163 Rome Phone: 06 66156512 - Fax: 06 66162970Contatti E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Loredana Merluzzi description In a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by green hills, just 9 km from San Pietro [...]
castello di corcolle

Farm Corcolle Castle

Via Zagarolese Km. 0,500 - Location San Vittorino - 00010 Rome Phone: 062202062 - Fax: 064403870 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Giuseppe Piccioni Phone: 3386331765 description Like a fairy tale Castle Corcolle lies on a [...]
casali santa brigida

Farmhouse Santa Brigida

Braccianese, 1050-00060 Rome Phone: 06 3046012 - Fax: 06 30449161 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Filippo Carenza description In the heart of a large verdant estate of 60 hectares, including sunflowers, olive trees, oaks, [...]
le Canfore

the Farm Canfore

Via di Fioranello, 101-00134 Rome Phone: 06 71350578 - Fax: 06 71350562 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Dorina and Piera Tocchi description The farm "Le Canfore" stems from the desire to offer a place [...]
Casale Trigoria

Farmhouse Casale Trigoria

Via Grotte de 'Penseroni n. 14-00128 Rome Phone: 06 5050701 - Fax: 06 5062189 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Alessandro and Maddalena De Amicis Phone: 3332086350 3391922029- description In a typical farm of the early [...]
casale San Nicola

Farm house of St. Nicholas

Vicolo Casale San Nicola, 52-00123 ROMA RM Phone: 06 30891507 - Fax: 06 30891507 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Roberto Odorici description Immersed in the Roman countryside near important places in history, the ancient [...]

Farm house of Falcognana

Via Ardeatina 1491-00134 ROMA RM Phone: 067138017 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Livia Lanza Phone: 3333531833 description The Hamlet of Falcognana is 15 km from Rome (Porta San Sebastiano), Casale is located between the Alban [...]

Farm Borghesiana Caesia

Via della Capanna Murata, 101-00132 Rome RM Phone: 06 2071985 - Fax: 06 2071985 Contacts Manager: Gabriella Nitoglia Phone: 3488055368 description The farm, a typical agricultural village of the Roman countryside was born in [...]
agricoltura nuova

Farm New Agriculture

Via di Valle Perna, 315-00129 Rome Phone: 06 5070453 - Fax: 06 5080009 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Carlo Patacconi (Chairman) description The New Agriculture cooperative was founded in 1977 on the initiative of [...]



Farmhouse Merlano

Via Fontana Mancina, 25 - 00060 Sacrofano Phone: 06 90112431 - Fax: 06 90112431 Contacts E-Mail: @ agrimerlano / info @ Website: Head: Katia Odorisio Phone: 3356990543 description The farm Whiting, nestled among [...]

Farm Galluzzi

Via Monte Rosso, 12-00060 Sacrofano Rom Phone: 06 9082279 Contacts Website: Manager: David Mancini Phone: 3331250758 description In an olive grove, located in the heart of the Park di Veio, lies the farm Galluzzi. [...]

Farmhouse Pagliarini

Sacrofano Via Cassia km 3.500 to 00,060 Sacrofano Rom Phone: 06 9084138 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Anton Giulio Gaffi description The house was bought by the family Allegri Seraggi the end of 1700, but [...]

San Gregorio da Sassola


Farmahouse Torrino dei Gelsi

Via San Filippo, snc - Colle Faustiniano - 00010 San Gregorio Di Sassola Phone: 335.548.37.66 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Livio Terilli description Surrounded by the greenery of the Roman countryside between Tivoli and [...]

Farmhouse Alberata

Via dell' Alberata, 20-00010 San Gregorio Di Sassola Phone: 0774.480329 - Fax: 339.6935354 Contacts Website: Responsible: Rosati Antonella Phone: 3396935354 description "The 'leafy' is a 'farm where the vast estate of well 20 has [...]

Sant'Angelo Romano


Farmhouse Andreuzza

Via Palombarese km. 24.300 to 00,010 Sant'Angelo Romano Rm Phone: 3491249167 3476746416- Contacts Website: Responsible: Angelo Vollera description Ancient Roman Villa, in the sixteenth century became property of the family Altieri Pasolini, was [...]



Farm Panta Rei

Loc.tà Ristretto Capone s.n.c. - 00060 Sant'Oreste Phone: 0761 578728 - Fax: 0761 578728 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Marco Placido Phone: 335 7382384 description Between the Tiber Valley and the Natural Park of Monte Soratte, [...]

Santa Marinella


Farmhouse Refuge Cardinals

Via dei Fiori, 120-00058 Santa Marinella Phone: 0766/513758 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Coordinator: Claudio Cardinali Phone: 338 9208856 description Rifugio is located on a beautiful hill between Tolfa mountains and the sea of Santa Marinella, [...]



Rose Hill Farm

Via Consolare Latina traversa, 56 - 00037 Segni Rm Phone: 3206263950 Contacts E-Mail: Responsible: Rita Passa Phone: 3206263950 description The Colle delle Rose is newly opened, is located 1 km from the town. It [...]



Farm Parade

Via dei Monasteri, 40-00028 Subiaco Phone: 0774 822748 - Fax: 0774 822748 Contacts E-Mail: Head: Franco D'Angiò description On the banks of the Aniene, in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of [...]

Farm Colle Tocci

Contrada Castagnola, 8-00028 Subiaco Rom Phone: 0774 822917 - Fax: 0774 822917 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Leonardo Stefanucci / Paola Capitani Phone: 335-6883955 / 349 2856786 description The farm Colle Tocci is located [...]

The Villa of Nero at Subiaco

He had wanted to escape the hardships of the city, Nero, its scenic villa of Subiaco, to quell his thoughts between the silences of Simbruini and experience the [...]



Farm La Cerra

Strada San Gregorio, km 6.800 to 00,019 Tivoli Rom Phone: 0774 411671 - Fax: 0774 411166 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Fabiola De Micheli Phone: 0774411079 description Oasis farm "La Cerra" you can discover both [...]

Farmhouse Villa Ulpia

Strada San Pastore, 15 - 00019 Tivoli Rom Phone: 335 1001020 - 347 3615382 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Cavallari Grace Ulpia Phone: 347 3615382 description Immersed in the green countryside of Tivoli, 20 kilometers [...]

Farmhouse Villa Light

Strada San Gregorio, km 6.500 to 00,019 Tivoli Rom Phone: 0774 317239 - Fax: 0774 317239 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Daniele De Lellis description In beautiful Lazio countryside, 30 minutes from Rome, is [...]

Fram San Clemente

Strada San Gregorio Km. 6,800 Loc.tà Vallarcese - 00019 Tivoli Rom Phone: 0774 411068 - Fax: 0774 411512 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Eugenio Lozzi description The farm "San Clemente" is in the territory [...]

Farm Colle Paciocco

Via Empolitana 238-00019 Tivoli Rom Phone: 0774 312312 - Fax: 0774 312312 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: 338 / 35.83.388 Phone: Mirella D'Andrea description The Colle Paciocco is on a small hill at the Tiburtini [...]

Varo Quintilio Villa in Tivoli

Ruins scattered throughout the countryside, in the Tivoli, give way to ancient memories. The superb architecture of idleness, places of physical and spiritual recreation of the Roman patrician [...]

The Stronghold of Tivoli

Mighty and massive rests his body next to the wall of the amphitheater syllables truncated Hadrian, Rocca Pia Tivoli, how to verify the matrix construction and inverarne roots [...]

In ancient times was called Tiber

In ancient Tibur was willing to pitch control Aniene. And it is one with its river (Anio); you could say that in some way it is illustrative of [...]



Farm Fountain Pope

Provincial road 3b Santa Severa - Tolfa, km. 18.300 to 00,059 Tolfa Rom Phone: 0766 93455 - 3331092556 - Fax: 0766 93455 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Assuntina Antonacci Phone: 3331092556 (Claudio) description "... An [...]



Farm Monte dell’Olmo

Via Monterosi, s.n.c. - 00069 Trevignano Rom Phone: 3386193959 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Giuseppe Venanzi Phone: 338 6193959 description Nestled in the rolling hills of Trevignano, we find a young farm, whose elevated position [...]

Farmhouse Acquaranda

Street Sboccatore, 8-00069 Trevignano Rom Phone: 06 9985301 - Fax: 06 9985301 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Responsible: Massimo Antonini description A few kilometers from Rome, in the countryside on the shores of Lake Bracciano, [...]




The small village of Vallepietra, which is in the heart of the park of Simbruinis, is an agro-pastoral center that seems to have been founded in the sixth [...]



Farm Ulivarella

Via Selvanova, 63 - 00049 Velletri Rom Phone: 06 9624330 - Fax: 06 9624330 Contacts Responsible: Pasquale Greco description In the heart of the Castelli Romani, the farm offers accommodation and catering, plus [...]

Farm Pomegranate

Via Appia Sud, KM. 44.900 to 00,049 Velletri Rom Phone: 06 9628572 - 333 7520430 Contacts E-Mail: Website: ResponsibleVicario Massimo Phone: 333 7520430 description Located in a beautiful house of the nineteenth century, in [...]

Farm Iacchelli Giulio e Figli

Via Colle Dell'Acero, 14 - 00049 Velletri Rom Phone: 06 9633256 - Fax: 06 9634354 Contacts E-Mail:; Website: Responsible: Armando Iacchelli description The company is located in the heart of the Castelli Romani [...]

Farm Casali della Parata

Via Torre di Presciano, 1 - 00049 Velletri Rom Phone: 06 96195154 - Fax: 06 96195154 Contacts E-Mail:; Website: Head: Stefano Scatamacchia Phone: 338 3447915 description In the heart of the winemaking of [...]

Farm Castro Ginetti

Via Vecchia di Napoli, 308-00049 Velletri Rom Phone: 06 96197059 - Fax: 06 96197059 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Renato Giammatteo description The farm Castro Ginnetti stands on the ruins of ancient Roman walls [...]

Farm Casale Malatesta

Via Casale Malatesta, 21 - 00049 Velletri Rom Phone: 06 96196073 - Fax: 06 96100702 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Head: Franco Dominizi description The origins of this house date back to the Middle Ages [...]

Farm Aquarium

Via Colle Perino Vecchio, 42-00049 Velletri Rom Phone: 06 9625327 Contacts E-Mail: Website: Manager: Eleonora Bartoli Phone: 333 1424065 description Close to a fishing lake, among olive trees, vineyards and meadows, we can find [...]

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