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Castel Madama

The calling to olives, absolute fruit of the earth The blood that pumps through the veins of Castel Madama is a noble one. Indeed, the town was the summer residence of the Austrian emperor's daughter in the XVI century. The geographical location is enviable. From its position, indeed, Castel Madama overlooks two valleys: the one of river Aniene and the via Empolitana. Its origins date back to the Roman era, the old town centre is fascinating and charming, its agenda is full of event for all tastes. There are many reasons to visit the Castel Madama. The old town centre lies around the castle, whose construction began in the VIII century and was prompted by the monks of the Subiaco abbey. In the course of time the fortress has been modified many times, as much as it has changed many owners. In 1250 it was purchased by Orsini, then it was handed down to Medici and Pallavicini, and eventually to Pallavicini. The castle, still entitled to the Orsini family, has also hosted Margaret of Austria, Carl V's illegitimate daughter, duchess of Penne and sovereign of Naples and Latium, who governed the town for a while. Hence the name of “Castel Madama” (“Castle of the mistress”). Every year since 1982, one of the most evocative feast of the area is held in Castel Madama: the Palio Madama Margherita, in July. It is a challenge among the four hamlets: Borgo, Castelluccio, Empolitano and Santa Maria della Vittoria. The whole town transforms itself and goes back in time until 1530 to evoke the alleged arrival of the Madama, performed by a girl from the hamlet that has won the previous edition. The modernity disappears and the four hamlet dispute over the best historical reconstruction. Everything from our times gives up its place to old ateliers and the actors who show to the visitors how people used to live in the Middle Ages. The historical parade representing Margaret who enters Castel Madama is also evocative, as well as the horse challenge divided in “Saraceno”, “Bandierine” and the race. The Palio is assigned to the hamlet that wins the horse challenges and gets the best result in the historical reconstruction. The Palio deals not only with history and entertainment, but also with local food. During the festival, indeed, it is possible to taste the Madama's favorite dish: the “gramiccia”. It is a typical type of hand-made paste, dressed with tomato, celery, chili pepper and spicy cheese flakes. Among the other events in Castel Madama, there is the feast of “Pera Spadona”, a typical fruit. It is held every third Sunday of July since 1958. During the feast it is possible to admire local handicrafts products, explore new flavors from the Roman Castles and discover ancient cultivation techniques. Less historical but as tasty as the other feast, among the main events in Castel Madama there is also “Oliolive”. This feast was born in 2001 to praise olives. Castel Madama is indeed an European leader in producing them. The feast is held in November with shows, conferences and tasting of oil which last for a weekend.


Palio di Madama Margherita

Suggestivi momenti di vita rinascimentale che si snodano lungo il mese di luglio. Scenografie d'altri tempi che riportano indietro la storia valorizzando gli angoli più belli e antichi del borgo. Figuranti in abiti d´epoca che aiutano a rivivere i mestieri perduti dell'artigianato classico, i giochi tradizionali dei bambini oggi distolti [...]

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