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A link to the root of history On the top of one of the highest mountain in the river Aniene valley lies one of the most picturesque villages in the province of Rome, owing its name to the incursions of the Saracens. Saracinesco, the little pearl of the Ruffi mountains, with its 908 meters above the sea level, offers a striking landscape and a fresh weather, ideal to escape the Summer heat. The town is also a point of departure for excursions into the uncontaminated nature of the surroundings hills and mountains. According to the last census (128 inhabitants), the village is the less populated in the province of Rome. Its herald reminds of its Arabic origins, with two heads of Saracens overlooking a castle. Over its history, after the incursions of the foreigners, Saracinesco became property of the Antiochia family and, starting from the XVI century, of the Orsini family and the Pope. Despite its small size, the village was of fundamental importance in controlling the river Aniene valley. In 1268, also the Duke Corradino of Sweden sojourned there for a while. All around the old town centre, always clean and perfectly maintained by the residents, an original museum of time has been set, including artistic solar clocks and sundials scattered over the streets and the squares. Even the ruins of the fortress have been used to make a unusual and fascinating sundial. Just a few steps away from Saracinesco, one can find an uncontaminated nature with water sources, wild animals and rare plants. The last Sunday of September is surely a good day to pay a visit. While the weather is getting fresher, indeed, the feast of Polenta is held. Even without going to the feast, those who love fine food should taste the typical Polenta dressed with “ciammaruche” (“snails”) sauce. Also the parade commemorating the passage of Corradino of Sweden, in the middle of August, is worth watching. On this occasion, Saracinesco goes back to the Middle Ages with games, music, typical dishes and costumes, attracting tourists, locals, and also the citizens of the surrounding towns. A possibility of comparing and contrasting the history and the modernity. Furthermore, on the last Sunday of August, the festival of San Michele the Archangel is held, with a night torchlight procession on the next day. An extraordinary event, that remains in the eyes of those who observe it. A little village having few citizens can therefore demonstrate its strong historical roots, and teach the value of tradition. From this point of view, Saracinesco makes a great effort.

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