Church of our Lady of the Assumption

Piazza Santa Maria, 3-7, 00030 Gorga RM, Italia

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption was built around 1772, when Prince Andrea Doria Pamphilj promised to build it, tempting Gorga’s entire population, men and women alike, with money to get involved in the construction.

The external facade has seen much restoration work over the course of time. Its history is recalled by a plaque over the side entrance, engraved with text regarding a large contribution made by Cardinal Vincenzo Santucci, a Gorga native, for the roof to be re-laid, between the 18th and the 19th centuries. Hidden behind this entrance is the bell tower.
When visitors enter the Church they are immediately struck by its circular floor plan, plastered wood cupola and octagonal roof covered with frescoes symbolising a starry sky, “inhabited” by the Apostles.  
The 18th century altar pieces, above the two side altars, depict St. Roche and St. Blaise (on the right) and other saints, while on the left there is a “Christ on the Cross”, also from the 18th century.
The central altar has a large niche protecting the statue of Our Lady of the Assumption.
Of particular interest is a wooden cross dating from 1900.
There are statues of many other saints to be found in the Church, which has always represented an especially important place of worship for local residents; this is proved by the devotional practices linked to Mary, introduced by the Confraternity of the Purification of the Virgin and still continuing to this day.