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“… e fiori odorata arbore amica”

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“…e di fiori odorata arbore amica” (“… and of flowers arboreal fragrant friend”) is the title of the work to be presented to the public on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 4:30 pm in the Park of the Manzù Collection in Ardea, created by sculptor Nazzareno Flenghi and three students of the Pomezia High School of Fine Arts: Giancarlo Andreacchio, Cesare Meneghetti and Marco Sgammotta. The sculpture will be on view to visitors until October 2012.

An eco-sculpture in olive wood, inspired by the long-ago charm of the ancient Silva Laurentina, its exposition in the external space of the Manzù Collection lends it a magically evocative significance since the area is the home of trees, plants and flowers, as well as the resting place of the great sculptor.

The title chosen for this project refers to the “Dei Sepolcri” by Foscolo, one of the classics of Italian literature. It alludes to the power of human love that continues even after death and also to the importance of memory and history. At the inauguration, Roberto Renna will recite poetry by Holderlin and Rilke dedicated to trees, presences that unite heaven and earth and man and nature. In fact, trees have always been present in the mythology of all peoples and have inspired literature and art.

The Manzù Collection in Ardea has been involved in a partnership with the Pomezia High School of Fine Arts for months. In addition, since last fall, students have been involved in a cataloging, surveying and research project in the museum, following the modern concept of museum organization. This event is just part of the positive collaboration already in progress between the school and museum. 

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Museo Raccolta Manzù Direttore Marcella Cossu
Via Laurentina km. 32, 00040 Ardea RM, Italia
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Sat, 28/04/2012 - 16:30 - 18:30
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Manzù Collection room
Manzù Collection sculpture