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Appia Antica Regional Park

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The Appia Antica Regional Park is a protected area that aims to preserve and give value to the territory to allow citizens to enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful countryside here and to further understanding and study of highly important historical, artistic and nature values.
The Park’s territory also includes the Caffarella Valley, carved by the River Almone, the most significant remaining example of ancient countryside close to the city. It is also filled with monuments from many different ages, such as the Temple to the god Redicolo, the Egeria Nymphaeum, the Church of Sant'Urbano, towers and medieval remains. There is also the complex of Latin Tombs and Aqueduct Park (Parco degli Acquedotti), with striking ruins of the conduits that supplied water to Rome.
The distinguishing feature of the Appia Antica Park is that it is a "green belt" between the south west neighbourhoods of Rome and the Albani hills, and as such it represents an important "biological corridor”, connecting the different habitants and enabling species to move between them.
Many areas of the Park have important varieties of plants and animals, giving it a particular natural significance.

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