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Celebrating Italy’s 150th birthday in Monte Compatri

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The municipality of Monte Compatri is lining up the following events to celebration the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy:
Wednesday 16 March
At 20.30
Grand galà in the Duomo. A concert given by the Corpo Folkloristico Musicale Compatrum and the Moreschi Choir.
Thursday 17 March
At 10.30 – Piazza Marco Mastrofini
Military salute from the authorities.
Followed by
Corpo Folkloristico Musicale Compatrum and the Moreschi Choir celebrate the Italian National anthem. Laying of a laurel wreath on the war monument at Piazza Marco Mastrofini.
At 11.30, Palazzo Annibaldeschi
Extraordinary council meeting in the council chambre in Annibaldeschi Palace. “Our Italy in 150 years”, a lesson for Monte Compatri’s children given by the “Lares et Urbs” association.
At 12.30, Piazza Marco Mastrofini
Parade of Majorettes Compatrum with the Corpo Folkloristico Musicale Compatrum.
At 12.45, Piazza Marco Mastrofini
Light air display with tricolour smoke displays rounded off by a firework display.
At 16.30, near the lake
Inauguration of the Unification of Italy Park on Via Lago di Nemi.
Italian flags will be given out. The local buidlings and squares will be decorated in Italy’s colours Piazza Marco Mastrofini) and all the balconies and windows around the square will be festooned as well.

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