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One of Simone Bertugno's works

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Forever Fragile

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One of Simone Bertugno's works

Organized as part of the initiatives staged for the ABC Arte Bellezza Cultura (Art Beauty Culture) project, in conjunction with the CIAC (the International Centre of Calligraphic Arts) and the International Centre of Contemporary Art of Genazzano, the exhibition entitled Fragile per Sempre (Forever Fragile), promoted by the Province of Rome, will be drawing to a close with a series of exhibitions of Contemporary Art at Palazzo Incontro. They will see the participation of eight artists: Simone Bertugno, Gianni Dessì, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Laura Palmieri, Antonio Rovaldi, Donatella Spaziani, Ivana Spinelli and Antonello Viola.
The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on Wednesday, April 18 at 7 pm, sees a journey through the vision of works made of ceramic or glass and which, by dint of their very nature, are perceived as fragile. In actual fact they are materials which, if placed in safe conditions, resist the wear and tear of time much better than others which are considered indestructible. Those on show are all works in which the material is not just a means for producing art, but in itself becomes an integral part of the expressive poetry of the artists that have made use of them.
In the first Contemporary encounter organized last November at Palazzo Incontro, the works of Kiki Smith, Nancy Spero, Alberto Di Fabio, Simone Cametti and Caterina Silva were displayed.
In the second, held in March, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Guy Tillim and Guido Van Der Werve were invited.
To mark the occasion of the finissage of this exhibition, in the second half of May 2012, the catalogue of the three encounters, produced by Livello4 Editrice publishing, will be presented.
The exhibition will be inaugurated by the President of the Province of Rome, Nicola Zingaretti


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Provincia di Roma
Palazzo Incontro Via Dei Prefetti, 22 - Roma
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Wed, 18/04/2012 (All day) - Fri, 18/05/2012 (All day)
Ore 10.00 - 19.00- Chiuso il lunedì.La mostra rimane aperta dal 18 aprile al 18 maggio 2012
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One of Gianni Dessì’s works
One of Donatella Spaziani’s works
 One of Laura Palmieri’s works
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