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Museum of the Allied Landing and Battle

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Inaugurated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Allied landings in Anzio (January 22nd 1994), the Museum is situated in one of the rooms of the seventeenth-century Villa Adele, a few yards away from the railway station and the city centre.

Made thanks to an initiative by the members of the "Centre of research and documentation about the landing and battle of Anzio", the Museum is divided into four sections: American, English, German and Italian.

In the display cabinets and glass showcases, there are uniforms, weapons, medals, documents, battle plans, veterans' photographs, objects of daily use; all strictly authentic. Flags, collections of press cuttings of the period, motor vehicles, enhance the already substantial collection that is continuously growing thanks to donations from Museums and veteran associations from different countries.

Many relics come directly from the seabed near Anzio, where, at various depths, aeroplanes, warships and carriers, landing boats still lie with their crew, like the British cruisers "Janus" and "Spartan" and the hospital ship "St. David."

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Via Villa Adele, 9, 00042 Anzio RM, Italia
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