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Public Archaeological Museum

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The Public Archaeological Museum is housed in the rooms of the ex Borghese Granary, which is also the place where the Town Council meets and cultural events are organised. The archaeological collection is composed of the finds discovered in the settlements of Piano della Civita and of the archaeological material discovered in the area around the town by the local Archaeology Group.

The objects (ceramics, terracotta and marmoreal architectural decorations, ornaments, utensils and weapons in metal, engravings, fistulae, coins, glass, etc.), many of which are still intact and are of particular merit, range from the Neolithic Age to the Late Middle Ages and allow us to gain a detailed understanding of the history of the surrounding territory, the means of subsistence and how the territory was organised.

At the same time as the creation of the museum work was carried out to adapt the archaeological area for museal display; the area has been developed and equipped with didactic panels and a visitors centre, especially at the site of Piano della Civita.

And this is certainly the most significant aspect of the Artena museal project: the possibility to combine the visit of an archaeological site with a Museum in which the objects discovered in digs are exhibited in an environment that allows the development, on the base of scientific data, topics that are useful for the understanding and the illustration of an ancient settlement abandoned at the beginning of the III century B.C.

The objects discovered during the investigations are not distinguished so much for their rarity or for their intrinsic value, but rather for the condition they are in (many are still intact) and for the contribution they give in the reconstruction of the daily life of a community that lived in the mid- republican age.

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