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Sant'Antimo e la Madonna delle Grazie

  • Statue of Our Lady of Mercy
  • Historic landing of Our Lady of Grace
  • Nettuno coast
  • Nazzano
  • Church of St. Antimo
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Saints day festivities in Nazzano and Nettuno

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Sant'Antimo e la Madonna delle Grazie

For a way to spend the coming weekend away from the city, we suggest the popular festivities in honor of Sant'Antimo (St. Antimo) in Nazzano and the Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Mercy) in Nettuno.

For those who prefer the mystic atmosphere and quiet of the Tiber Valley, we suggest a visit to the medieval town of Nazzano immersed in the Riserva Naturale Nazzano - Tevere Farfa, a nature reserve famous for its castle and Museo del Fiume (River Museum). The festival of St. Antimo is particularly important to local residents who are extremely devout regarding their patron saint. 

The religious celebration includes a procession that crosses the entire town to transfer the saint and banner from their home outside the walls into the town. At the end of October, another religious procession returns the statute of the patron saint to the basilica dedicated to him. In addition to the religious celebrations, the local tourist board also promotes a rich program of entertainment for young and old alike, including flag wavers, comedy shows and live concerts and theater.

Those who love the sea, on the other hand, should go to the beautiful coastline of the Costiera di Enea and in addition to getting some sun on the beach, you can also take part in the wealth of events the Town of Nettuno has organized to celebrate Our Lady of Mercy

Tradition has it that the effigy of the Virgin arrived here in 1550 from England where, due to Henry VIII's split with the Roman Church, monasteries and churches were confiscated and statues of saints destroyed. Some sailors headed for Naples, loaded the statue of the Virgin and other statues onto their ship in order to save them from Anglican zeal.

But, due to an especially violent storm, the boat landed on the coast around Neptune, in front of the mouth of the Loricina River, where the wooden statue of the Virgin was unloaded and placed in the care of the priests of the small church located in the vicinity. The arrival of the Virgin on the Nettuno coast was interpreted as the desire of Our Lady of Mercy to remain in that place. 

During the celebrations, the statue is taken to the Chiesa Collegiata di San Giovanni (Collegiate Church of St. John) and then returned to its home the week later. The intervening week of celebrations includes a rich program of events: religious processions, exhibitions, craft markets, entertainment for children, theater, sports and a Concert by Noemi. So, datebook in-hand, take a look at the program included here and choose the best day to go visit the stunning seaside town of Nettuno.

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Sat, 12/05/2012 (All day) - Sun, 13/05/2012 (All day)
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Statue of Our Lady of Mercy
Historic landing of Our Lady of Grace
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