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St. Joseph’s Day Fritters

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St. Joseph’s Day

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St. Joseph’s Day Fritters

March 19 is Father’s Day throughout Italy, but on the calendar of saints' days, it is the day in which the Solemnity of St. Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary, is commemorated. In the province of Rome, between the Castelli Romani and the Aniene Valley, you can visit and take part in two traditional market and livestock fairs organized in honor of this saint by the residents of Tivoli and Genazzano.

In Tivoli, the outdoor market was established in 1845 and since 1973 has taken place in the old town center. For the entire day, both towns will be taken over by the stalls and stands of craftsmen and merchants. You will also find the traditional "St. Joseph’s Day Cream Fritters" (bignè di San Giuseppe), a type of pastry typical to Italian cuisine and its origins can be traced right back to ancient Rome. According to tradition, following the flight into Egypt with Mary and Baby Jesus, St. Joseph was forced to sell fritters in order to support his family in that foreign land and, for this reason, the Romans gave him the amicable nickname of "fritter-maker”.

You can also try them at the Enoteca Provincia Romana, a wine cellar and tavern created by the Province of Rome to promote the wine and food specialties of the Rome area, and on March 19 it will host a special tasting of this typical pastry dedicated to St. Joseph. In addition to this tasty treat, made by a local artisan baker, free samplings of sweet pizza with sugar and cinnamon and apple tarts with cinnamon will also be offered.

The sweet dessert wines accompanying this special menu will all be strictly from the territory of the province of Rome. Time: 6:30 pm in the fantastic setting of Trajan’s Forum, just steps away from Piazza Venezia. 

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Mon, 19/03/2012 (All day)
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Tivoli Market Fair
Old photo of the Tivoli Market Fair
View of Tivoli
View of Genazzano