Ecomuseum of the Didactic Park

Via del Porto, 2-4, 00060 Nazzano RM, Italia

Of an anthropological slant, the museum is located in Casale Bussolini, an important example of rural buildings found in the Roman countryside, which lies within an old estate. It is the ideal “conservation place” for examples about the life and culture of traditional society which, up until the last century, characterized the anthropic history of the area.

The Ecomuseum illustrates, through the use of archive documents, documents taken from the oral tradition and also through objects of material culture, the relationship between man and nature and, in this case, between man and the river.

Panels and didactic computer simulations allow for a more in-depth knowledge of aspects relating to farming cycles in the middle hill area, cattle breeding, pastoral activities, the characters and traditional trades, such as those more directly linked to the existence of the river and the port: alongside farmers, breeders and craftsmen, we find timber merchants, millers, boatmen and “passatori” " – ferrymen and those who tugged boats against the current.

As a reminder of the deep connection with the river, particular attention has been given to the cultural dimension, to festivities and ceremonies linked to the brotherhoods that still continue to worship their patron saint St. Antimo, whose very particular hagiography is closely tied to the river Tiber.