Borgo della Farnesiana


Via Farnesiana, 00051 Allumiere RM, Italia
Just a short distance from the town of Allumiere lies an architectonic complex of considerable historical and archeological interest. This private property finds a series of homes and businesses set around a central courtyard. Just a few meters from these structures is a church of sizeable proportions in a neo-Gothic style, which is still in reasonable condition in spite of having been abandoned for a long period of time. Borgo della Farnesiana dates back to the period of the Olgiati family, who had a mill built in this area in 1591. This was needed to sustain the miners working in the mines. Subsequently, a small church was added along with a hamlet housing a number of religious figures from Rome's “Chiesa del Gesù ” (Church of Jesus), the Farnesiani. In addition to their religious roles, they were also responsible for the running of the mill. The Farnesiani chaplains left Allumiere in 1754 and all the properties were purchased by the Reverenda Camera Apostolica (Reverend Apostolic Chamber) who established a farm for raising livestock and producing the wheat needed to support the population of miners. In 1836, the entire estate was sold to the Rome's Sacro Monte di Pietà confraternity. This had a larger church built which it named “Santa Maria della Farnesiana” (Saint Mary of the Farnesiana). In 1860, the church was expanded with the construction of porticoes down the sides. With the creation of the Italian State, all the property passed into the hands of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Deposits and Loans Bank) which scaled the farm down. In 1877, the entire concern was purchased by Marquis Guglielmi of Civitavecchia, who restored the farm once again and renovated the church. At present, the hamlet has been entirely restored, and houses an agriturismo farm holiday business and tourist accommodation facilities. In spite of recent renovation work, the church is still in a state of disrepair.