Savelli Palace

Piazza Sforza Cesarini, 4, 00010 Moricone RM, Italia

Some historians believe that the Castle of Moricone dates to before the 10th century and was built after the destruction of the ancient city of Regillo by the Barbarians. Others, however, think that it was founded by Berardo III, Abbot of Farfa, in 13th century. In either case, the castle served as a defensive barrier.

Today, the castle is a complex organism of different buildings, nestling so closely to each other that it is hard to distinguish the various phases of construction. We know that at some point, perhaps prior to the arrival of the nuns of Calvary, the building of the castle was connected to the primitive church of Our Lady of the Assumption, which a 17th century map recorded as being detached from the castle and outside the city walls.